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    Freeing up disk space on Ubuntu VM

    Check filesystem sizes

    Check the filesystem size and available space.

    $ df -H

    Remove unused packages

    Remove stray packages that were installed as dependencies of other packages that have since been removed.

    $ sudo apt-get autoremove

    Cleanup docker

    Find how much space can be reclaimed:

    $ docker system df

    Remove all unused images, not just dangling ones

    $ docker image prune -a

    System prune

    $ docker system prune

    Installing the NVDA screen reader as a portable copy

    It's important when developing a GoC application to ensure conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standard. I often use markup validation tools like the W3C markup validation service throughout the development cycle to help catch any markup issues. To ensure the application is accessible for users with assistive devices, a screen reader is a must have tool.