Privacy and Confidentiality

Protecting the Privacy of Your Information

To provide the best experience possible, we need to collect your Email address if you want to leave comments for all of our site visitors to see. We collect no other personal information.

How We Protect Your Information

We have safeguards (i.e. security, passwords, policies) in place to make sure your information stays private. Only people who need to see your personal records are allowed to look at them.


In general, we assume you do not give consent to share your information.

How We Use Your Information

To provide users the ability to leave comments they must provide an Email address and get a password from the application.

Who can Look at Your Information

We only give your information to those people who need it and have a right to it by law.

You have the right to

  • Delete your account that includes your Email address.

How to Access Other Information

At this time we collect no other information.


Contact our Chief Privacy Officer

Michael Mulvihill

Cinder Systems Corp.
57 Evergreen Drive
Nepean, Ontario, K2H 6C5