Install Drupal WxT using docker-scaffolding


The Drupal WxT distribution provides a good starting point for any GoC application, especially those that will be using the GCWeb ( or GCIntranet themes. In order to take advantage of the docker-scaffold setup, use the site-wxt composer template. It automatically pulls in the docker scaffolding for us and uses docker-compose to build our docker containers with networking.

Clone drupalwxt/site-wxt composer template

The first step is to setup the WxT composer template. We do this by cloning the drupalwxt/site-wxt repository.

$ git clone site-[NAME]

$ cd site-[NAME]

Install dependencies

Now use composer to pull all of the dependencies into our project.

$ composer install

Build the Docker containers

Next run a make command to build our Docker containers.

$ make build

Start the Docker container

Now we can start the Docker containers by running the following command.

$ make docker_start

View Drupal WxT in a browser

Now you can visit localhost in your browser to access the Drupal WxT install wizard.