Matching against the grids (RFP)

As a Drupal consultant who likes to bid on Government RFPs, it's important to understand what kind of mandatory and rated criteria these requests are asking for. Knowing this helps me to align my resume so it's always ready to match against the grids. It helps by giving me a list of things I need to accomplish in order to score as high as possible on the rated criteria.

For Drupal developers looking to move into the consulting world, it's useful to know this list as well. If you don't meet a mandatory requirements then you can't get the opportunity.

Suggested list of resume goals

Here are a few suggestions for your list.

  • Experience using the Drupal WxT distribution.
  • Create a user account if you don't already have one.
  • Make a contribution to three different open-source Drupal projects.
  • Make a few Drupal WxT commits.
  • Use the docker-scaffold setup for local development.
  • Work with cloud environments.
  • Use automated build scripts for CI/CD
  • Get a certification in Drupal, accessibility, and cloud hosting

Suggested list of goals for new Drupal consultants

Here is a list of things to help prepare you for Drupal consulting with the Government.

  • Create a resume that is organized by project instead of company.
  • Explain how you have used PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript / jQuery in each of your projects. It's pretty repetitive stuff, but it's useful when you need to cross reference your experience.
  • Keep your resume up-to-date so you are always ready to bid on the next RFP.
  • Incorporate, learn QuickBooks, and get an accountant.
  • Create a LinkedIn user account if you don't have one already and update it with content from your resume.

If you are a Drupal developer looking to move into consulting, talk to an expert - contact Stephen Mulvihill.